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Energy-saving machine have became a hot issue market of our country

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Represented by the plastic polymer materials, with steel, wood, cement, has become the four basic materials. Plastic products have been widely used to national economy industries and people in all areas of life. International mold and metal plastic industry suppliers association director luo hui pointed out that, due to all plastic raw materials are required to pass through the plastic processing machinery and mould making, to shape for a wide range of plastic products, therefore, plastic machinery has become the aerospace, defense, petrochemicals, Marine, electronics, photoelectricity communication, building materials, packaging, electrical, automotive and transportation, a key support to agriculture and light industry and other industries of national economy. < br /> in 2010, the plastic machinery industry catch the opportunity of energy conservation and environmental protection products, as well as the market, strong research and development and production of highly efficient energy-saving plastic machinery products, effectively promote the development of industry economy. According to statistics, the year the industry production of plastic machinery products more than 30, ten thousand, has 10 years in a row on the product yield is the first in the world. China's plastics machinery gross value of industrial output, the output value of industry sales, new product production and export value of year-on-year growth in more than 60%, significantly more than the national machinery industry average of 34% year-on-year growth. Domestic molding machine market consumption also jumped from $2009 in 29. 2 billion to 2010 of 47. 9 billion yuan, up 64%; The increase of domestic equipment accounted to 72%. At the same time, the industry leading enterprises Haitian machines in sales revenue exceeds ten billion yuan in 2010, the world's fastest in terms of production and sales. < br /> in recent years, the plastic machinery industry to industry transformation and upgrading as the main line, adhere to independent innovation, energy conservation, environmental protection, high-end path of development, accelerate the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, successively develop and produce a large number of highly efficient energy-saving plastic machinery products. Industry, for example, the servo energy-saving plastic injection molding machine, according to the geometric shape of products, and the size of the products, and realize the energy saving rate is 40% ~ 80%, energy-saving effect is reached the international advanced level, by the market recognition and welcome. < br /> < br />
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