Focus on water soluble film application.

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Established in June, 2014, Foshan Polyva Materials Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter specialized in research, development and production of water soluble PVA film.

Since 2005, Polyva founding team paid attention and studied on the progress and market information at home and abroad of PVA water soluble packaging film. Meanwhile, we carried out the research of lab formula and film forming process. In 2014, we started promoting the film in relevant industry fields. Until now, we have developed 6 formula systems, over 20 models of PVA film covering various fields like household chemicals packaging.......


Our water soluble films are recognized by users from all over the world

we carry out the pilotscale experiment and optimize the formula system continuously. Until now, we have developed 6 formula systems of PVA film,over 20 models of PVA film which includes 15 kinds warm water soluble film, 2 kinds high temperature water soluble film and 5 kinds medium temperature water soluble film.


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