Polyva has been adhering to manufacture and supply water soluble PVA film & PVA packaging machine, and always been researching and developing the application of green eco-friendly materials.


Focus on water soluble film application.

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    Strict  Research  & Development Team

    We focus on PVA water soluble film application services, PVA material R & D centers and water-soluble packaging intelligent equipment R & D center as a support, to provide you with services.

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    Standard Production Management


    We have established a standardized demonstration workshop, standardized operations and personnel management,to provide you with on-site  management and training support.

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    Professional Technical Support

    We establish an open basic data platform to share product knowledge and technical support with you and are willing to work hard for the development of the industry.

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    Exclusive Personalization

    Whether it is a water-soluble film or automatic laundry pods packaging machine, we provide customized services to take full account of your needs.

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    Perfect Total Solution

    1. The real turnkey project, as long as you decide on a small unit-dose water soluble packaging project, we provide from film to equipment, from product to crafts, a full range of services.
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    Systematic Synthesis Training

    What you buy from us is not only films and equipment, but also a comprehensive system of services. We will teach your staff how to correctly, quickly and efficiently carry out production and provide on-site service on a regular basis.


Focus on water soluble packaging application.FOSHAN POLYVA as a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of water soluble PVA film.

Specialized in PVA film ,Cosmetic PVA Water Soluble Film,Agrochemical Water Soluble Film and  PVA Packaging machine.


Established in June, 2014, Foshan Polyva Materials Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter specialized in research, development and production of water soluble PVA film.

Since 2005, Polyva founding team paid attention and studied on the progress and market information at home and abroad of PVA water soluble packaging film. Meanwhile, we carried out the research of lab formula and film forming process. In 2014, we started promoting the film in relevant industry fields. Until now, we have developed 6 formula systems, over 20 models of PVA film covering various fields like household chemicals packaging.......

The laundry pods packing machine own CE certificate. Water soluble film can also be tested and verified by professional authority as per customer’s requirement.


Our water soluble films are recognized by users from all over the world

we carry out the pilotscale experiment and optimize the formula system continuously. Until now, we have developed 6 formula systems of PVA film,over 20 models of PVA film which includes 15 kinds warm water soluble film, 2 kinds high temperature water soluble film and 5 kinds medium temperature water soluble film.

For more information on PVA film , please pay attention to POLYVA.


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