Focus on water soluble film application 

Standards for testing water-soluble membranes

by:POLYVA     2021-09-16
The fast-dissolving water-soluble plastic film produced by our company is tested according to the following standards: u003cbru003e 1. Appearance: The appearance is basically smooth and flat, without obvious dents, convex marks, bubbles, impurities, ripples, cracks and other defects. among them: u003cbru003e (1) Impurities, diameter ≤0.8mm, quantity ≤25/square meter u003cbru003e (2) Air bubbles, diameter ≤1.0mm, quantity ≤25/square meter u003cbru003e (3) Wrinkles, a small amount is allowed u003cbru003e (4) The neatness of the end face, ≤2mm u003cbru003e 2. Size deviation: width ±5mm, thickness ±0.005mm, length ±1m u003cbru003e 3. The same roll film joint: ≤1pc/100m u003cbru003e 4. Technical indicators: u003cbru003e (1) Tensile strengthu003e 25Mpa u003cbru003e (2) Elongation at breaku003e180% u003cbru003e (3) Right angle tearing forceu003e80KN/m u003cbru003e 5. Water solubility: start to dissolve
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