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Established in June 2014, FOSHAN POLYVA MATERIALS CO., LTD is a company specialized in development, manufacture and supply of water soluble PVA film. We are located in the Information technology park of Nanhai High-tech Zone, with a 300 square meters prototype lab, a 1000 square meters R&D trail production workshop and a manufacturing base of 2000 square meters. Now we have more than 60 employees.


From 2005, Polyva team began to focus on the progress and market information at home and abroad of water soluble packaging film. We Learned relevant knowledge from USA counterparts meanwhile following up the film application, carrying out the formula trail-production in lab, and researching the forming process. In 2013, we start to carry out the pilotscale experiment and optimize the formula system continuously. Until now, we have developed 6 formula systems of PVA film,over 20 models of PVA film which includes 15 kinds warm water soluble film, 2 kinds high temperature water soluble film and 5 kinds medium temperature water soluble film.

At the same time, from Oct, 2013, we have been putting great efforts in the R&D of high speed automatic laundry detergent pods packing machine. Eventually, we achieved success and the machine now has been put into mass production. Polyva owns 9 invention patents, 5 utility-model patents.


POLYVA has always been researching and developing the application of green eco-friendly materials, working on upgrade, innovation and replacement of traditional packaging materials.  In the next 5 years, we aim at growing as a navigation enterprise, standard maker, industrial pioneer. We will strive to reach international advanced level and run ahead of some counterparts within 10 years.

Our products range covers cold water soluble packaging PVA film series which includes washing product water-soluble PVA film, pesticide preparations packaging PVA film and others more than ten varieties; High temperature water soluble packaging film and bag such as fruit & vegetable storage bags, medical water-soluble laundry bag, garment packing bag and total more than ten varieties. The performance of our water-soluble PVA film for laundry detergent products(liquid detergent capsules, laundry powder pod) has reached international advanced level. We have cooperated with several domestic leading daily detergent company and customize packing film for their pre-measured laundry detergent capsule production 


POLYVA always persist “Contribute to Clients” as principle. Supported by company’s R&D center and numerous automatic control research center, we provide water soluble packaging turnkey solution with one-stop technical service and backup by means of assist customer on new product development, supplying packaging machine, packing film, carrying out OEM service. 

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