Focus on water soluble film application 

Agricultural film production methods

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
PVA water-soluble film has excellent barrier property, water soluble and friendly to the environment and development at home and abroad in recent years is one of the most successful green environmental protection material. It has won general recognition of the environmental protection authorities and the masses of users at home and abroad, is being more and more widely used in packaging, textile embroidery and water transfer printing and other fields. < br /> plastic film is the use of large number of agricultural production of a kind of plastic products. Being tried in our country from the 50 s and 60 s widely, in recent years, more in constant increase in the amount of agricultural plastic film, scope of application is also an expanding, it to improve crop yield and quality has played a significant role. Agricultural plastic film production methods, including blow molding method and rolling method two: blow molding blow molding is the main production methods of polyethylene, polypropylene plastic film. Its molding equipment mainly include extrusion machine, air compressor and drafting, cooling, winding device, etc. Generally speaking, to increase the blown film folding size, the specifications of the extruder also need increases accordingly. Using plastic blow molding production, the raw material into the hopper of extruder ( Production of color film, should be plastic pellet coloring) , after extruding machine after heating, pressure, melt plasticization, through in the extrusion of pipe die, continuous extrusion tube billet. And strike ventilation with compressed air inside the tube, the tube billet quickly blow up into a cylinder, and then by water and cold air cooling to finalize the design, by coiling device is pressing and continuous winding into the cylinder. With plastic blow molding production can use simpler equipment, production of thin film, Now can produce the thickness of 0. 02mm) , wide ( Now can produce the width for two to three meters) , less investment, high production efficiency but blown film thickness uniformity is more difficult to control, use should be folded in half open. Blow molding thin film is suitable for making film bag. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic film can also be used blow molding production, but the process is relatively difficult to master. Calendering calendering method polyvinyl choride (PVC) the main forming method. Its molding equipment mainly include mixing device, calender, Three roller machine, four roll calender dinh, etc. ) And draft, cooling and coiling device, etc. Mixing device can be made of high speed mixing machine, mixer, mixing unit into two roller, also can be made of high-speed moderate machine, extrusion into a unit. When rolling method is used to produce plastic film, the first resin and plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, the material such as colorants, investment in high speed mixer mixing put people close machine again, after being material in mixer plasticizing, into practice uniform mixing machine mixing, and then into the calender. Plastic under the condition of certain temperature and the rolling force and so on, through the pressure at the machine within the space between the roller and the straight shape rolling film, after pressing and cooling shaping, winding into Jane shape. Due to the rolling plastic film look the same as the cotton cloth, so have called it & other; Plastic & throughout; 。 Pressure at the method is more suitable for mass production of PVC film, its production efficiency is high, the thickness is uniform, can also be embossed or printing patterns. But this approach requires a large purchase production equipment, large investment, high requirement of equipment maintenance, production of the film, the thickness and width is also affected by certain restrictions. Calender method film main varieties seedlings film, film covering, film raincoat, etc. < br /> < br /> character in heyuan city, guangdong environmental protection material technology co. , LTD. Is a focus on water soluble film ( PVA - Poly (vinyl alcohol) film) In the research, production and sales of new technology companies. The company now has advanced PVA water soluble film production line, at the same time has a strong r&d team and management team. < br /> character company concentrating on promoting product quality, technology and product innovation, committed to providing customers with satisfactory products and services < br /> < br />
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