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Basic introduction of release film-technical knowledge

by:POLYVA     2021-12-16
The basic introduction of the release film source: protective film factory direct sales release time: 2017-12-23 click: 2206 Masking film, silicone oil film, silicone oil paper, anti-adhesive film, type paper, slip film, thinner paper, release paper, silliconfilm, release film, release. Generally, in order to increase the release force of the plastic film, the plastic film will be plasma treated, or fluorine-coated, or silicone release agent coated on the surface of the film material, such as PET, PE, OPP, etc. ; Let it show extremely light and stable release force for various organic pressure sensitive adhesives (such as hot melt adhesives, acrylic adhesives and rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesives). According to the required release force of the release film, the viscosity of the isolation product adhesive is different, and the release force is adjusted accordingly to achieve a very light and stable release force during peeling. In addition to release membranes, there are also dripping membranes, thin paper, ion exchange membranes, reverse osmosis membranes, filtration membranes, biological filtration membranes, microporous membranes, microporous filtration membranes, polymer membranes, inorganic membranes, organic membranes, solar Film, waterproof film, carcass film, transfer film, shrink film, stretch film.
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