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Biodegradable material has become a major bright spot in the field of packaging

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
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      Packaging industry has become one of the important part of national economic development in our country. But for now, the packing industry in our country there are many inharmonious phenomena. This disharmony, associated with enterprise's utilitarian, also with national standard of related technologies failed to update related, more related to enterprise's illegal cost is low.
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green packaging is the world's packaging industry development trends, food safety is our country the current problem areas and even in the next few years, both on the development of plastic packaging materials has a direct impact.
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on the sources of raw materials, degradable biomaterials has now become a major bright spot in the field of packaging, although not completely replace petroleum-based plastics, but under the national policy to encourage and the promotion of the enterprise, the proportion of application is increased year by year. As a packaging material, especially the food packaging materials, security is the most basic should abide by the principles. How to guarantee the performance of the products at the same time avoid plasticizer, metal elements such as the pollution is the enterprise survival, development of food necessary to solve the problem. Again, as a member of the society, the enterprise must undertake corresponding social responsibility, pays special attention to the packaging waste disposal and resource recycling work, realizing the sustainable development requirements.
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enterprises should carry out scientific and technological innovation, transformation and upgrading of technology, and to make real progress towards green, environmental protection, and not just a hype on the concept of green packaging. / /

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