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​A Comprehensive Guide To Fabric Softener Pods – How To Use Lenor Scent Booster?


Have you ever noticed that despite washing and ironing, your fabric is not giving a decent fresh look? And often your friends give you a bad look. If yes, you need to understand that something is missing in your laundry process. And that might be a fabric softener or a fabric conditioner. Both of the terms can be used interchangeably.

At Czenia, it was observed that about 64% of the washing products constitute fabric softeners. The main purpose of these fabric softeners is to give your clothes a freshness and a cherish that can last for a longer period. Using fabric softener is so easy, all you need is to add it during the washing process with your detergent. After washing you will be happy to see a creased-free and scented cloth.

Lenor Scent Boster Will Cherish Your Laundry:

On a hot summer day, you are travelling on your way home with a bad smell of sweat, that’s disgusting. Body sprays will stay for a while and then fade away. In this miserable condition, you want to just get rid of it. Don’t worry using fabric softener and conditioner you can get a long-lasting nice smell that can cheer you up.

Some researchers, while testing the fabric softeners, have proved that these softeners can give a uniqueness to your laundry. They can give a nice smell, a neatness, and a new look to your old bad-smelling dress. While washing put your clothes inside out into the machine. It can remove more of the germs and bad smell.

Prevents Static From Your Laundry:

At times you may have noticed that a charge was created in your fabric. Probably it may happened when two pieces of clothes rubbed against each other. It can damage the fabric of your clothes. Now the fabric softener can get you rid of this static situation. 

The fabric softener pod contains a fatty acid layer that carries a positive charge. Inside your piece of garment, there is a negative charge swirling. As we all know “Unlike charges repel each other and get neutralised”. The same is the case with the positively charged fabric softener and negatively charged cloth. Both of them cancel the charge of each other and hence these fabric softeners prevent our clothes from static.

For Which Clothes You Can Use Fabric Softener Pod?

Most of the time it is recommended that you use fabric softener for all types of laundry. But for some clothes, it can perform better. For your linen bed sheet, fabric softener can give it a softer texture that can make you sleep well and in a more relaxed position.

Some fabric types can absorb moisture in them like towels, garments, and some sportswriting clothes. Fabric softeners can damage them by breaking their delicate fabric. So you must be aware of these cases and avoid the use of fabric conditioners.

Can Fabric Softener Be Used In Allergy?

During a clinical investigation, it was observed that the fabric softener can reduce the symptoms of dryness in individuals suffering from skin irritation. Hence it is suggested that you use the fabric softener while you are suffering from dry skin.

At the same time you need to be aware that if you have a severe allergic condition, it can worsen the symptoms. The type of scent used in the softener may lead to some respiratory problems in you. So before the use of fabric softener consult with your physician as well.

Wrapped In A Dissolvable PVA Film:

The fabric softener pods of Polyva are wrapped in a water-soluble film that can easily be dissolved in water. This property can give an immediate effect of fabric softener. Being water soluble it leaves no residue and hence it can also protect our environment from water pollution.

How To Use A Fabric Softener Pod?

  • Using fabric softener for your laundry is very simple. At first load your machine with the laundry for which fabric softener can be used easily without damaging it.

  • The second step is to add the fabric softener pod into the dispenser. For some machines, there is a dispenser that can help to release the fabric softener at the time when its action is required.

  • If your washing machine is without the dispenser you can put the fabric softener at the time of rinsing. Because the real-time work for fabric softener is the rinsing cycle.

  • After the completion of the washing cycle, put the laundry into the dryer. Let your laundry completely dry from all the water.

  • Now let the soft, creased-free, and fragrance-containing laundry out of the dryer.

The Bottom Line:

Laundry is one of the prodigious home chores that cannot be ended. But you can turn it into an amusement by using fabric softener laundry pods. By using these pods you can get a soft and nice smelled laundry that can bring a smile on your tired face.

Sometimes it may be possible that people are using it without being aware of its proper use. But you need to be careful about its use. For some fabrics it can give better results and for some others it can give bad results. Being soft it can give you a very delicate piece of fabric. 

All you need is to chose the right fabric softener pod for your clothes. Fabric softener of polyva can give you the best results of your laundry. Just pick it and start using this laundry softener. 

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