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Embroidery Water-Soluble PVA Film : A Comprehensive Guide


Are you an artistic soul who loves embroidery and wants the thread to be danced among the delicate fabric? And also you want every piece of your art to be loved as much as you do. So let's explore the amazing advancement in the world of embroidery.

Maybe you were suffering from the neatness of your art pieces and worried about the use of plastic film in your embroidery. Before getting dive into it you must take a deep breath because I am going to solve your problem. Now you can use water-soluble films for the embroidery to make it superb.

Do you know what it can do? It will make your artistic embroidery very delicate, worth seeing, and extremely intricate to touch as well. These are also available as cold water-soluble PVA films. While stitching don't get worried about the ways of its removal, because being water soluble it can be easily removed.

Let’s get started…

How to Use Water-Soluble Film For Machine Embroidery?

Water-soluble stabilizers mostly come in the form of plastic-type stabilizers and are also available as fibrous stabilizer. They are widely used as topping on various fabric embroideries and most commonly on thick fabrics.

Using water-soluble stabilizers you can prevent the stitches being sinking into the fabrics and getting lost. Water soluble stabilizers as a toping stabilizer will make a sandwich into embroidery. And in this way, it will add beauty to your amazing embroidery pattern.

While using stabilizers in machine embroidery first put the base stabilizer, then the layer of fabric on which you want to make embroidery, and then put the water-soluble stabilizer. Use a frame or a type of hoop to stay at the side.

The base stabilizer should be sticky and if it's not, use a sticky spray that will help the fabric to stick with the film. If the fabric is thick and you are finding it difficult to adjust in the frame, use some pins to fix it. After that start stitching your embroidery design. After your design completion wash out the fabric and the film will be removed easily.

Help in the Smoothness of Embroidery:

Water-soluble stabilizers are very helpful for the smoothness of embroidery. Working with small text or small designs of embroidery will become so ruff and will give an ugly view that can lose your customer.

Last year I created a delicate design on a light denim piece that is of a woven fabric. It got a huge sales rate and one of my regular customers came to me and insisted create the same copy on a bag that was a little bit teacher than that fabric.

I was excited and started creating that to fulfill my customer desire. But to my goodness, it turned into a terrible sunken piece not even able to see. And that time came with the water-soluble stabilizer of POLYVA and it had vanished my problem. And I was like WOW!

It Protects The Fabric of Shirt:

Topping a water-soluble stabilizer can help to protect the fabric of the shirt. While I was working on the school shirts of a customer. I made a delicate monogram and at the time of stitching it on the shirt I was just.. SHIT! What is this, oil from the machine got dumped on the shirt.

At that time I also used the water-soluble film in the monograms and that solved my problem again. If you are suffering from the same problems, just use it and prevent your shirt from the oil spots.

Benefits of using Cold Water Soluble PVA Film:

Poly Vinyl Alcohol can be soluble in both hot and cold water. While embroidery working we can use cold water stabilizers that can easily be dissolved in cold water without formation of the lumps. 

Here are some of the most important benefits of the cold water-soluble PVA films:

  1. Clarity and neatness in the Designs:

Cold water stabilizers will make your designs intricate and very neat which will be the true representative of your artistic thoughts.

  1. Easily DIssolve in Water:

Another reason for the first choice of these stabilizers is their ability to easily dissolve in water. They can be easily dissolved in cold water without creating any residue. This can be very helpful for the customers.

  1. Can Be Used for Different Embroidery Types:

Cold water-soluble PVA films can be used for different types of embroideries like hand and machine embroideries. This can give convenience to the artists because they can buy the film and will be able to use it for all types of art pieces of embroidery. That's the reason it is cost-effective as well.

  1. PVA Films Are Eco-Friendly:

As PVA is water soluble it is very eco-friendly because it cannot pose any toxic effect to the environment. If your customer is very much concerned about the environmental impacts of the embroidery products, they will definitely choose your products because of water-soluble PVA films.

How To Store Water-Soluble Fertilizers?

There is a need for proper storage of these water-soluble PVA Films for Embroidery. So here are some tips:

  1. Store the films in the closed pack with PE wrapping to prevent them from being cracked out.

  2. While using it, make sure your hands are dry and also there must be no sweat or saliva on it otherwise it can affect its properties.

  3. Because of its high elasticity, you must use a piece of specialized equipment for packaging

  4. The cold water-soluble PVA films have two sides, the front side is bright and the back side is dark. While using embroidery the front side must face inside while the dark side must face facing outside.

The Bottom Line:

Embroidery is a piece of art and the artist wants it to be presented in a much intricate pattern on the piece of fabric. To enhance its beauty and maintain its neatness, water-soluble PVA films play an important role.

These are easy to use and are very economical sources of films. You must prefer the POLYVA for its amazing PVA films that are the most trustable in the world of Embroidery. These are eco-friendly and are readily dissolvable in water without producing any residue.

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