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How To Increase Sustainability In Agriculture – Water Soluble PVA Films for Fertilizers And Pesticides


Working as a traditional farmer and agronomist despite making a wise approach can't give you remarkable success in the agriculture field. Every year farmers use a lot of fertilizers and pesticides to increase their crop production. But have you ever wondered what harm they are costing to our environment?

These are causing the degradation of the soil and its erosion, death of other organisms, and a lot of pollution. And this is the biggest challenge in the agricultural industry. The question in this regard is, “How to increase crop production without polluting the Environment?”

The best possible answer is the use of water-soluble PVA films for fertilizers and pesticides. Unlike conventional plastic-coated fertilizers, PVA films are more biodegradable and environmental friendly. 

Are you curious about its benefits? Continue reading to explore the stunning benefits of PVA-coated fertilizers!

Why There is a Need for PVA Film Fertilizers?

In most parts of the world agriculture is considered as a “Backbone of the Economy’. And it's expedient to say because food is one of the basic necessities of human beings. Whatever we eat in our everyday life either healthy or unhealthy is the product of agriculture.

In order to supply nutritious and safe food to consumers, farmers are using various advanced techniques that can help them in enhanced growth production. Fertilizers are used to increase crop production while pesticides are used to protect plants from pests. 

However extensive use of fertilizer can cause harmful effects on the environment and can also harm other organisms and soil as well. That’s the reason that instigates the farmer to use PVA film fertilizers that can increase crop production but can also prevent crops from harmful impacts.

What Are the Advantages Of PVA Water Soluble Fertilizers?

  1. PVA is Biodegradable:

While purchasing fertilizers and pesticides for your agricultural land, it's a wise decision if you choose the one with excellent biodegradable properties. PVA-coated fertilizers can best meet your needs.

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), when tested revealed that they are non-toxic. And after dissolving in water they are degraded by the microorganisms present in the soil. 

If we talk about conventional fertilizers, they are extremely harmful to the environment because of their plastic coating that cannot be easily degradable. While PVA can be degraded easily and pose no harmful effects to the environment. 

  1. Highly Cost-effective For Farmers:

During crop production, if farmers are using conventional fertilizers, most probably they need it multiple times because it can be runoff. But I am excited to tell you that POLYVA has solved this problem by introducing water-soluble PVA Fertilizers, that can save your money.

Another reason for the high selection of PVA is its packaging facilities. You can use any type of packaging for the storage of fertilizers under PVA and in this way, it can provide convenience in transportation as well.

  1. Water Soluble Film:

Most of the time fertilizers are not completely available to the plants because of their low solubility and it can lead to a huge loss. But now with PVA film the solubility of pesticides and fertilizers are enhanced.

The high water solubility of pesticides poses the least toxic effects to the environment and hence it can help increase the yield of your crops. This is the uniqueness of POLYVA.

  1. Effective Supply Of Nutrients To Plants:

Are you worried about the loss of availability of nutrients to the plant? And it's causing a huge loss. Don't worry then, PVA has solved this problem. With the help of its use, fertilizers, and pesticides are directly available to the roots of the plant without any loss.

This is the property of PVA water-soluble films on the fertilizers and pesticides that help in the gradual dissolution of nutrients in the moisture. These dissolving characteristics help in the supply of pesticides in a controlled manner. 

Considerations While Purchasing Water-Soluble Fertilizers:

During the purchasing of PVA water soluble fertilizers and pesticides, you must keep in mind some of its properties:

  • Enhanced water solubility, with complete dissolving power without residual production.

  • The mechanical properties of the property should be good with strong load bearing, and heat sealing properties.

  • The product should meet the packaging requirements of various shapes and sizes.

  • Fast water solubility, with controlled release of nutrients.

  • The material should be environmental friendly that causes no toxic effects on the environment.

And you will be surprised that all of these superb qualities are present in POLYVA

Why You Need To Choose POLYVA For PVA Films?

As we have discussed that, PVA water-soluble films are the best possible choice in the agriculture field, so POLYVA is a trustworthy option.

If you want to see your land flourishing with highly nutritious foods and crops. So POLYVA should be your first choice that will surely be more fruitful than any other conventional fertilizer.

Final Words:

Agriculture is the backbone of any state of the world. To enhance sustainability in agriculture there is a dire need to use new technologies and techniques. Traditional farming practices are producing less crops but more threat to the environment. 

Using PVA-coated fertilizers is indeed one of the wise approaches. Because of its eco-friendly properties, it produces less toxic effects on the environment. It's easy to use because of its conventional packaging.

Are you searching for a magical product for your land. You must use PVA-coated fertilizers of POLYVA. It will expand your production, and increase demand for food products because of good quality.

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