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Common sense to buy agricultural film

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
The agricultural film on the market from different manufacturers, thickness, prices are bigger difference, should pay attention to the following three aspects: when buying < br / > first, first look at the product certificate, at the same time to pay attention to the appearance quality of river, the whole volume in bulk. Good quality agricultural films is silvery white, the whole roll of uniform. Good agricultural films, tensile strength of the horizontal and vertical are better; < br / > second, to measure the width of the film. Different crops, different ways of cover need different width of the film, too wide or too narrow. In addition, also need to compare the film thickness. Thickness is associated with plastic tensile load directly, so don't just consider the investment cost, and choose a thin film; < br / > the third, to calculate the dosage, don't buy blindly. Dosage is according to grow their own way, length of the ridge ridge, calculate a mu need how many meters mulch. < br / > the correct use of agricultural film, not only can increase crop yields, but also can improve the life of the river, thus reducing the production cost. So when use should be paid attention to the following: < br / > first, covering film, to ensure that the skeleton is smooth without a thorn, lest damage membrane, tectorial membrane when the holding pressure, had better use straw rope reinforcement, in case of strong wind. In move, covering, jie film, film, prevent yank fierce pull, lest membrane is the scaffolding prick, by strong wind. < br / > second, agricultural film damage when using, must immediately repair. Repair method with hot glue. Hot glue method is applicable for polyethylene film. Virginity wash to dry first, then cut a little older than the fissure or hole in thin film on top of fissure or build a cellophane or cigarette in aluminum foil, with a red-hot iron bar back and forth on the cellophane paper or aluminum foil hot a few times, two thin film adhesion. < br / > third, film after use must lay flat flushing timely, hang to dry in the shade. When stored, sprinkle a layer of talcum powder first, and then roll it up, don't fold and weight.
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