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Continuous silicon carbide free functional thin film can be mass production

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
Materials department of xiamen university recently broke through the photoelectric characteristics of continuous silicon carbide ( 原文如此) Free film key technology, preparation of the various components of PCS precursor, mastered the continuous SiC free film does not melt crosslinking pretreatment with high temperature cracking of the sintering process. At present, the technology has been declared six national invention patent, and formed a continuous freedom of SiC thin film materials, small batch production ability. < br / > according to introducing, the project's main innovation points as follows: turn membrane and preceramic polymer melt spinning method, the preparation of a new functional continuous SiC free film ( 8 ~ 100 microns thick, 20 mm in width, continuous length > 100 m) ; Modified heterogeneous elements, introduced from the raw material of synthetic stage, the preparation of the ultra high temperature resistant, low resistivity and high frequency luminescence properties of continuous SiC ( Al) Free film, and is suitable for the P type pv thin film solar cell window material. < br / > continuous free SiC thin film is an ideal new broadband gap semiconductor material, in microelectromechanical system ( MEMS) , photoelectric integrated device, blue light emitting devices, photovoltaic devices, high temperature and ultraviolet light sensitive devices and high-tech areas like high temperature pressure sensor application prospect.
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