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Continuous vacuum packaging machine products advantages

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Continuous vacuum packing machine is a large mechanical equipment, is one of the most important packaging machinery in each big industrial production enterprises. We produce vacuum packaging machine models of various kinds of continuous vacuum packaging machine into several generations of the update, now more stable performance characteristics.
1, the electric appliance has adopted the world better equipment and procedures, such as PLC, touch screen and high precision of motor drive system, etc. The use of these devices on the one hand is to ensure the continuity of vacuum packaging machine use requirements, on the other hand is also in order to further improve the continuous vacuum packaging automatic and intelligent level.
2 and reasonable mechanical equipment internal structure design is exquisite, under the mechanical running condition of guarantee sufficient mechanical production was as much as possible to save material and internal space. This design also makes the use of continuous vacuum packaging machine and transportation more convenient. Judging by this continuous vacuum packaging machine fully meet the requirement of enterprise production flexibility, at the same time because the energy needed to start running reduce so also is of great benefit to saving energy and improve production efficiency.
3, continuous vacuum packaging machine from the perspective of various places are improved, and the thickness of the vacuum chamber to now than before the 3 mm thick. Although we are using the 304 stainless steel, but our continuous vacuum packaging machine of the thickness of the vacuum chamber is 8 mm, which guarantee the stability of the quality of our vacuum chamber, vacuum effect is better.
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