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Digital water transfer printing technology

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Digital water transfer printing technology application range is very wide, in addition to personality T-shirt, porcelain, porcelain and all kinds of printing craft jewelry, can also be used for crystal images, flowers, prints, temporary tattoos, and other fields, and compared with the traditional process, water transfer printing has a lot of advantages, the potential of alternatives to traditional process.
  1. Personality T-shirt printing printing < br / > image after transfer printing T-shirt with traditional thermal transfer paper will form a film, feel and permeability are very poor, and the sublimation transfer printing can only be used for chemical fiber fabrics, cannot use pure cotton fabrics, t-shirts, class is low. Water transfer printing T-shirt would not have these disadvantages of the production process, it can use pure cotton material, after the transfer will not have film feeling, feel is good, and has the characteristics of permeability. Water transfer printing T-shirt production need to use special T-shirt water transfer paper, it has a play and excited to play two spray, spray and play with water transfer paper has a T-shirt with light color and brunet two t-shirts, excited for water transfer paper is only a transparent transfer membrane, is only applicable to light color T-shirt.
  2. Ceramic, metal, wooden gift and craft items printed < br / > the traditional personality porcelain, porcelain and metal badge with sb on it cannot leave the special transfer printing equipment, processing process is relatively complicated, and the application of the water transfer printing technology, not only do not need any transfer printing equipment, but also simplify the processing procedure. Using general water transfer printing paper, not only can transfer printing, metal, ceramic, can also transfer printing glass, bamboo, wood, leather, stone, plastic medium, such as for gifts, handicrafts, toys, furniture, electrical appliances, sports equipment and so on carries on the beautification, specular effect is achieved when the heat transfer surface, design level of rich, colourful, and waterproof wear-resisting corrosion resistance.
  3. Crystal video production < br / > traditional crystal image processing needs polishing machine and uv light curing equipment, processing process including the crystal grinding, glue, curing, polishing step, long processing time, the intensity of labor is big. Water transfer printing technology was applied to crystal video production, can save processing equipment, also do not need to grinding and gluing, not only simplifies the processing steps, and greatly improve the production efficiency, also has a lot of improvement of image quality. The free grinding, avoid glue crystal image you just need to general water transfer printing paper for production, even ordinary users also can DIY.
  4. Tattoo made < br / > in American TV series prison break, leading role Michael that a cool tattoos let a person envy, but the high cost of physical, time is very long, but also bear the pain of the body, and can only take surgery to remove it. If you don't have so much trouble, a lot of people are willing to try a tattoo, and water transfer printing technology provides the opportunity for them, just through a dedicated inkjet tattoo sticker, then we can print their own image and transfer into the skin, the image can keep 3 ~ 7 days, after then you won't leave a mark. This tattoo is special printing film using harmless to the human body nano materials, waterproof breathable, will not cause skin unwell feeling, can let a person to enjoy the fun of tattoo, market prospect is very good.
5. “ Speak & throughout; Flowers printed < br / > before flowers painting projects need to purchase a thousands of yuan price of flower print machine, and the application of water transfer printing technology can save the cost for buying equipment. Flowers is print machine to print the image directly to the flower petals into a curved surface, and can only be printed on the flowers outside the biggest disc, the technology of flower type, the size of the petals, have higher demand to the color of the flowers, printing effect was only barely qualified. Water transfer printing technology is different, the image is due to the print on the transfer paper, the effect is very good, but also the location of the heat transfer is very flexible, you can transfer to the flowers inside the disc, give a person with surprise, also is more advantageous to implicitly express feelings. < br / > there are two kinds of water transfer printing technology, is a kind of water transfer printing technology, the other is only the water transfer printing technology, the main text and pictorial design of transfer printing, the latter tend to complete transfer printing in the entire product surface. Only the transfer printing technology ( CubicTransfer) Use a easily dissolved in water of water soluble film to carry graphic. Because the water only the film tension, easily entangled in product surface formed by layers, like spray paint surface have different appearance. Only the transfer printing technology color patterns can be lie on any shape of the workpiece, for producers to solve the problem of three-dimensional printing products.
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