Focus on water soluble film application 

Eco Friendly Formula and plant based surfactant

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

The current method of forming water soluble pods has a disadvantage that limited the innovation of the applications,what's the solution for that ?

Since 2012 tide introduced the tide pods to the market it has been 7 years and now. It turns out to be a very good example of the water soluble film use applications. nowadays the market is demanding for some new applications not in the detergent business. One of the customer asked for a pod made of the water soluble film but size at 250ml. It's not possible or will be very expensive for the rotary drum type machine to produce. Why?,because the rotary drum machine has a drum,and only works at the top 11-13 clock area. That limited the potential of flexible size and shape. 


How this problem can be solved?


To make this work we developed a special system that is vertical fill and seal. VFS method is slower compare to the rotary method but has a great flexibility. With this system we are able to produce pods with no shape limit and quantity limit.

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