NZB-1020 condensate beads automatic packaging machine

Plastic filling equipment, is specifically for the laundry liquid alone quantitative packaging and the development of a packaging machine, a good film and liquid formulations adaptability

  • Solid strength of high-end equipment factory

    The equipment adopts the drum type potting, the transmission uses the servo electrical machinery, the production continuity, the rhythm is flexible, all may the precise adjustment. 

  • Systematic large-scale management

    Filling system uses a plunger-type metering, filling system corrosion resistance, high reliability. 

  • Superb technology

    Mold use of three-dimensional software to optimize the design, CNC unified manufacturing, to ensure the mold cavity of the rationality, uniformity, consistency. 

  • Water seal structure design

    Water seal structure design, can effectively reduce the sealing temperature, good protection of the film's water-soluble capacity.  

  • All-round worry-free one-stop design

    Slitting of the finished product is designed in one piece, the cutting and slitting are all follow-up mechanism, and the speed is consistent with the drum, and the production continuity is good. 

  • Touch screen, automatic settings

    The whole machine adopts PLC control, the temperature, pressure, speed and other parameters through the man-machine interface touch screen to set up a high degree of automation.  

Device parameters



Device Information

device name

NZB-1020 condensate beads automatic packaging machine

Highest speed

600 / min

Machine form

Roller type, single row 10 pieces

Packing specification adjustment range

15-30 ml / tablet

Condensation Weight **


Installed power


Dimensions of equipment


Note: ** The weight deviation is dependent on the type and accuracy of the selected metering pump.

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