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Explain in detail the characteristics of several commonly used PET films-film supplier

by:POLYVA     2022-01-23
1. The most important feature of semi-reinforced film is its high longitudinal tensile strength, and it is not easy to break under high tension. It is mainly used for packaging seals for boxed items. Commonly used standard thicknesses are 20μm, 28μm, 30μm, 36μm, 50μm. 2. Bronzing film. The biggest feature is good tensile strength and transparency, stable thermal performance, and low separation force from certain resins. It is mainly suitable for small size changes during high temperature processing or as a transfer carrier. The conventional standard thickness is 9μm, 12μm, 15μm, 19μm, 25μm, 36μm. 3. Printing composite packaging film. The main characteristics are good transparency, good penetration resistance, superior chemical resistance, temperature resistance and moisture resistance. It is suitable for the packaging of frozen food and food, medicine, industrial products and cosmetics. Commonly used standard thicknesses are 12μm, 15μm, 23μm, 36μm. It is a company specializing in the production of PET film with multiple functions, such as: transparent PET film, milky white PET film, release PET film, supply of PET motor film, etc. With a wide range of products, affordable prices, and environmental protection, we provide customers with excellent quality and service based on the service tenet of excellence in production, honesty and trustworthiness in distribution, warm and thoughtful service, and the spirit of assisting partners to achieve their own careers. Interested parties welcome to inquire!
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