Since the beginning of 2005, Bovi's team began to pay attention to the progress of water-soluble packaging film and its application in the market. It started to understand and follow up its application from American counterparts. Pilot, and continue to improve the formulation system. So far, polyvinyl alcohol film has developed six formulations system, more than 20 models, including low-temperature water-soluble film 15, high-temperature water-soluble film 2, 5 in the water-soluble film. At the same time, Bovey team from the beginning of 2013 10, research and development of high-speed automatic washing condensate beads packaging machine and be successful, is now in volume production. The company has applied for invention patents 9, utility model patents 5. Of which utility model patents have been approved, the invention patent has entered a substantive review stage.

Process development

Process engineering from the small to the pilot to the mass production, full commissioning and verification to ensure that the production process is stable and reliable

Raw material control

Leading suppliers, stable and reliable quality, quality control of each batch to ensure consistency of raw materials.

Process Control


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