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Guangzhou Beauty Expo | Bowei makes high-quality laundry beads in the name of OEM

by:POLYVA     2021-09-16
On the afternoon of September 6, 2020, the three-day 55th China International (Guangzhou) Beauty Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Beauty Expo) ended in Guangzhou, and Bovey was the end of the exhibitor. This exhibition still maintains the characteristics of large-scale, high-standard and professionalism. It can be described as a gathering of talents and brilliant, attracting many practitioners in the beauty industry at home and abroad. At the venue, Bovey Group (Guangdong Leju's professional crystal beads OEM brand) exhibited new beads with unique features, complete functions, and strong customization; it attracted many people to stop and consult. Bowei Group is a comprehensive Ru0026D enterprise integrating the development, manufacturing, sales and service (OEM/ODM services of the beads) of beads machine, PVA water-soluble film and beads. Guangdong Leju Daily Chemical, a OEM brand under Bowei, has become a domestic first-line OEM brand; it has served well-known domestic brands such as Liby, Naaisi, and Hao Da. The above are some of the new laundry gel beads at the Bowei booth at the Beauty Expo. Bowei (Guangdong Leju Daily Chemicals brand) specializes in the research and development and production of various series of liquid, powder, powder-liquid mixed laundry beads, and provides customers with OEM/ ODM foundry service. Product modeling covers various categories such as single cavity, double cavity, three cavity, etc., to provide customers with customized services. At this exhibition, Bovey was highly recognized by industry professionals. Through live demonstrations and explanations, Bovey demonstrated Bovey’s superb OEM strength to its peers. Signing contracts at the exhibition continued, orders surged, and gratifying results were achieved. Set a new record! u003cbru003e u003cbru003e
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