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How do I dispose of my clothes after "Yang Kang"?

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At the end of 2019, the sudden onset of New Coronavirus pneumonia swept through the entire global village, a global catastrophe that has changed people's work, life, diet, food, housing and transportation in all aspects within these three years; and 26 December is a day that is good enough to go down in history. The National Health Commission issued an announcement that New Coronavirus Pneumonia was officially renamed as Novel Coronavirus Infection, meaning that three years of full prevention and control of New Coronavirus Pneumonia was officially history.

At present, Omicron, a new strain of the new coronavirus, has four main characteristics, including: (1) wide prevalence and high transmission intensity; (2) short incubation period and rapid transmission; (3) mild clinical manifestations and insidious transmission; (4) transmission mode is still mainly respiratory droplet transmission and close contact transmission; in view of the characteristics of Omicron virus, the number of infections is still increasing, and people's concerns are gradually increasing. For example, is it possible to take a shower after being infected with Omicron virus? Can I get reinfected with Omicron? How do I dispose of my clothes after recovering from Omicron? The last question is also of concern to most "yangkang" sufferers. According to research reports, the survival time of the Omicron strain is closely related to the material on the surface of the object where the virus is found and the external temperature and humidity. On plastic, stainless steel, surgical masks and clothing, the original strain can only survive for 56 hours, while Omicron can survive for 8 days, on stainless steel and surgical masks, Omicron can survive for 7 days, and on clothing, Omicron can survive for 2 days.

The following measures can be taken to avoid reinfection of the virus after "Yang Kang".

1. First use the laundry gel beads to clean clothes, and then use the chlorine disinfectant for disinfection; for positive patients to wear clothes, we should classify and wash with ordinary clothes to prevent the re-transmission of the virus; when cleaning clothes, we just need to follow the usual cleaning steps for rinsing, and put the right amount of laundry gel beads in the washing machine for regular clothing sterilization and mite removal, here we recommend the use of Foshan Polyva Environmental Protection Ltd. laundry gel beads, your laundry gel beads are soluble in water, low foam and easy to rinse, which can not only remove bacteria and mites, but also effectively remove a variety of stubborn stains; then use with chlorine disinfectant, the common 84 disinfectant, diluted in accordance with a certain ratio to avoid corrosion of the surface of clothing due to high concentration.

2. Expose clothing to the sun; it is difficult for the Omicron virus to survive for long in a hot environment, so exposing the clothing worn by Omicron patients to the sun can achieve a certain degree of disinfection.

3. Use 75% medical alcohol for disinfection; Omicron is in essence a virus, and 75% medical alcohol can effectively dehydrate and inactivate the proteins of the virus quickly, thus achieving the effect of disinfection, but when using it, care needs to be taken to keep it away from flammable and explosive items.

We should not take it lightly after Yang Kang in order to prevent repeated infection by eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, taking vitamins and proteins, wearing a good mask and taking protective measures such as disinfection.


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