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How to choose condensate beads packing machine? How to choose and buy laundry condensate beads packaging machine don't pit, condensate beads which good packaging machine?

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
The laundry condensate beads is an innovative product, named after the deep looks like beads, the laundry into one, can quickly melted in the water, have the effect of washing and cleaning. Recent laundry condensate beads in the domestic market, especially the major network platform to sell very hot, become the choice of many families. So laundry condensate beads market has become a new typhoon recently, many chemical businesses compete to enter the laundry condensate beads market, is the first thing to solve equipment problems, foreign condensate beads packaging machine cost is too high, we can give preference to domestic equipment, in fact, after so many years the development of domestic condensate beads packing machine is more mature, vertical white, love, and so on domestic cosmetic giant in the use of their own domestic condensate beads packing machine to produce laundry coagulation bead products, so we can be at ease to use domestic large machine. But at the moment the whole domestic condensate beads packaging machine market is also good and evil people mixed up; That we how to choose suits own condensate beads packing machine and not the thunder is essential; Small make up now and share purchase condensate beads packaging confidential note a few questions: how to choose the most core condensate beads packaging machine is input and output than problems, many businesses are unsure to buy expensive or cheap, many businesses choose cheap directly, even really should choose cheaper? Small make up to you now analysis analysis, the cheapest machine on the market is probably around 580000 tablet condensate beads packaging machine, the machine production speed below 200 per minute, normal is around 100. We calculated on in 150, switched on 24 hours a day can produce 8 g single cavity Fang Zhu total of 216000, according to each 1 cents wholesale price is the lowest; A night economic benefits is 2. 160000 yuan. According to 30% profit is probably a month or so. We now see) a basic NZC350 a month of capacity; The device on the market price is more than 80 yuan, because is the drum so can do it a minute production 480 8 g Fang Zhu; Also switched on 24 hours a day, 6 in total output. 9. 12 million yuan. Production capacity is about 3 of the tablet. 2 times; The purchase price less than two times, we look at input and output than bo d NZC350 it is the first choice for all the consideration ratio of the buyer. We buy the machine, of course, in addition to considering the machine capacity, also want to consider the stability of the machine, manufacturers of after-sales service, and need to form a complete set of artificial cost is also a rated machine is an important indicator of good or bad. Bo d ( POLYVA) As condensate beads packaging machine industry leading enterprise, now have their own mature after-sales service team to make machine maintenance service on a regular basis, and after years of precipitation, bo d machine is very stable and mature. NZC350 model setting so small make up recommend the preferred) bead packaging machine, this machine can customize according to the different needs of businesses of different function, can be done by changing the abrasive condensate beads from single cavity multi-cavity condensate beads, can packaging liquid condensate beads, powder coagulation bead, even powder mixture condensate beads; And can be upgraded fast replacement grinding tool function, can short time realize grinding tool change; Save a lot of time and artificial into bo d NZC350 laundry condensate beads packaging machine in order to meet the demand of the market, bo d also launched NZE530 model machine, this machine combines NZE350 all the advantages of the machine, but also a biggest advantage is the high yield, a conservative estimate the machine starts a day can produce 8 g + 180 star square laundry condensate beads; And high utilization rate of thin film, according to customer feedback and market the same specifications of machine than other manufacturers, bo d NZE530 model condensate beads every tons of film packaging machine can produce 400000 laundry condensate beads. Bo d ultra-high-speed laundry condensate beads condensate beads packaging machine, packaging machine) because of their core patented technology; Can do for the vast number of thin film on the market, now many current condensate beads packaging machine can only apply to certain limited PVA film, lead to the customer in the later when using very inconvenient. Comprehensive consider taking laundry condensate beads bo d packaging machine on the market is still has a comparative advantage.

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