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How to choose high-quality PET antistatic protective film-film supplier

by:POLYVA     2021-11-01
How to choose high quality How to choose high quality PET antistatic protective film, Zhonglian will briefly share with you: 1. Choose the latest antistatic technology. When choosing an antistatic protective film, we should choose to adopt a new technology-electrostatic adsorption. The utility model is simple and convenient to use, and there is no phenomenon that the ordinary protective film is easily deformed and delaminated at room temperature. 2. The hardness of the hardness protective film is higher than that of the 4H lens, which is excellent hardness. 3. Anti-fouling and dirt-resistance In addition to the super anti-static function, the protective film should also have super anti-fouling and self-defense processing functions. Can effectively prevent dust and oil stains. 4. The real-life antistatic protective film can remove more than 99.7% of the trace radiation from the screen. 5. The high light transmittance protective film should be selected to exceed 90% of the ultra-high light transmittance.
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