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How to identify the quality of water-soluble film products

by:POLYVA     2021-09-16
u003cbru003e How to identify the quality problems of water-soluble film products, it is recommended to consider the following aspects. u003cbru003e 1. Water solubility: u003cbru003e The cold water soluble film requires that it can be dissolved in water above 5℃. The faster it melts, the better. u003cbru003e The less residual residue after dissolution, the better. u003cbru003e The clearer the water after dissolution, the better. u003cbru003e 2. Appearance quality: u003cbru003e The smoother the winding, the better. The outer surface of the winding should not have obvious unevenness and wrinkles. The two end faces of the rolled film should be as smooth as possible, within ±5mm. The surface of the film must not or have few defects such as bubbles, perforations (except for cross-stitch water-soluble film), slag inclusions, black spots and other defects. u003cbru003e 3. Mechanical strength: u003cbru003e The tensile strength is required to be above 25Mpa (related to the thickness of the film, the thicker the greater the tensile strength). Too little is easy to pull off. u003cbru003e The higher the elongation at break, the harder the film, and the smaller the softer the film. u003cbru003e The right-angle tear resistance is required to be around 80KN/m. Otherwise it will be brittle when broken. u003cbru003e Four, storage time: u003cbru003e The storage time of water-soluble film with stable quality can be more than 1-2 years when stored in a sealed package without moisture. u003cbru003e If the poor quality water-soluble film is stored for less than 6 months, due to the unstable quality, many chemical components will precipitate out of the film, and a lot of white dust will appear, and the severely rolled film will turn dark.
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