Focus on water soluble film application 

How to use the water soluble bags for winter

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

storage requirements:

1, & have spent Water soluble bag stored in sealed packaging bag.

2,, Each use, open the package, take out to the water soluble bags, until the next time you use sealed package.

3,, Product must be kept in a dry, cold or warm environment. Fill in:

1, & have spent Take the hand of the water soluble bags must be dry, avoid the water soluble bags come into contact with any liquid to maintain integrity and strength of the bag.

2,, When need to put stuff into the water soluble bags, dry items on the bottom of the bag first, this method can be very effective to help the water soluble bags against items placed in damp.

3,, Any time don't put the excessive moisture of items or soaked in the liquid water soluble bag. Please keep in mind that the product of moisture sensitive.

4,, Natural water soluble bag can be use or not use bleach warm or hot water ring, meet any items ( For example, include white goods) Washing needs.


1, & have spent Before sealing bag, as far as possible to vent air bag, so that we can make the bag and built-in objects in transportation safer, not easy to damage and more compact on the space.

2,, The use of the whole and on the bag or seal on the bag of color tied neck from mouth to ensure security seal

3, & have spent Please use neck tied with mouth, don't use water soluble bags own knotting method is to encapsulate, because it can make the water soluble film bag it completely soluble affected when washing.

4,, In order to prevent the water soluble bags were damaged in transit, For example be penetrated or tear) , will seal with good water solubility in other packages ( If the sack or polyethylene bag) In order to enhance security of the store. Washing

1, & have spent Will seal with good water solubility and the items in the washing machine.

2,, In the initial rinse in cold water, water soluble bags will be broken open, release the goods to the water.

3,, In the wash water temperature of 65 degrees Celsius, water soluble bag film will be completely dissolved in the water.

4,, In less than 65 degrees after washing, will remove and discard the rest of water soluble bags.

5,, To achieve the best effect, avoid washing washing capacity of the largest items more than washing machine statement.

6,, Can provide ( Made of chromium waste water soluble bags tray) To help more convenient and efficient use of water soluble bags.

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