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In the plastic packing

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
Plastic products towel packing cost reduction and improved the performance of the role. Organic filler and inorganic filler, filler points is given priority to with inorganic filler packing enough with expected properties of ontology is completely different and incompatible solid matter, therefore generally USES the simpler method can separate data of ancient bronze mirror. Identify plastic wipes packing methods of ashing method of dissolving method. GengHua identification method is to contain packing plastics ashing first, and then put into the high temperature furnace burning polymer melt and organic matter was burned, the rest of the inorganic filler with element characteristic analysis to identify the kinds of packing. Plastic ashing temperature is 500 ℃ or so commonly, thermoplastics can be lower, thermosetting plastic are higher, so that we can make plastic fully dissolve identification method is suitable for not crosslinked plastic, selecting the appropriate solvent dissolve plastic ontology, packing is separated as insolubles. Of crosslinking to each material can be resolved using chemical methods such as hydrolysis, alkaline hydrolysis, acid, amine solution, etc. , make the material ontology decomposition dissolve in solvents to separate packing, packing element characteristics of isolated analysis or instrument analysis to identify its species. < br / > < br / >
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