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Introduction to the performance of automatic laundry beads production equipment

by:POLYVA     2021-09-18
  Introduction to the performance of automatic laundry gel beads production equipment: u003cbru003e  Film feeding part: This part is composed of 1 set of air expansion shafts, static elimination mechanism, correction mechanism, and pressure sensing mechanism. u003cbru003e   Film stretch forming part: The bottom film on the left is stretched to the shape of the mold cavity by vacuum suction in the mold. u003cbru003e  Filling part: It is composed of a liquid delivery system and a fluid control valve to complete the specified liquid filling volume. u003cbru003e   Film heat-sealing part: The upper and lower films are heated and pressed together by the heating plate, so that the base film and the cover film are firmly bonded, and the liquid wrapped in the film is sealed. u003cbru003e  Slitting and forming part: The forming tool is heated by the heating plate, and the pneumatic element executes the cutting of the heat-sealed film to separate the encapsulated beads individually. u003cbru003e   Carrier body: The required bead-shaped cavity is formed by machining on the aluminum alloy plate. u003cbru003e
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