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Know how much the PVC waterproofing materials selection

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
PVC resin can through changing the addition amount of plasticizer, made of soft and hard PVC material. Soft PVC material, the general content of plasticizer for the resin content of 60%. PVC waterproof coiled material is outdoor use material, volatile small, so choose the plasticizer should have good cold resistance, etc. PVC waterproofing materials used in PVC resin should have high molecular weight, in order to ensure the enough mechanical properties and resistance to aging performance, often choose SG - for this purpose 3 or SG - Type 2 resin; To increase the flexibility of the waterproofing materials, polymer modifier for PVC is often used to be modified, commonly used in toughening modifier for chlorinated polyethylene ( CPE) , addition amount of 40 & ndash; 50 ( Chlorine content 30% 40%) ; In order to improve the processing performance, often add low molecular plasticizer ( Such as phthalic acid ester, phosphate ester or their mixture) , addition amount of 10 & ndash; 30; In addition to improve the thermal stability, people often add 3 & ndash; 5 copies of heat stabilizer; To reduce the cost, can also add the right amount of light calcium carbonate or clay. PVC waterproof coiled material has the common PVC, PVC and rubber modified red mud, such as PVC of which the most commonly used ordinary PVC, can be used for roofing, basement building waterproof, etc. < br / > < br / > < br / > < br / > < br / >
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