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Laundry condensate beads equipment

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

  Laundry condensate beads, designed for maximum design, simple operation. Washing the outer membrane of the bead can bear the weight of 15 kg, and instant without remain under the influence of water at the same time, can quickly will 'elegant enrichment' essence enzyme in cold water and used to remove dark color obstinate stains of chelating agent into the water.

    Laundry condensate beads content for water content of few high concentrated clothing clean care ingredients, mild nature does not hurt the clothing, the characteristic of the low foam enrichment lock color formula, are more likely to rinse, outside with transparent film, composed of water soluble PVA film wrapped outside, without measure, as long as one can easily clean 6 - 14 pieces of dirty clothes.

    Laundry condensate beads don't need to cut away the membrane, as laundry condensate beads outer membrane are made of vinyl alcohol ( Abbreviation for PVA, PVOH or PVAL) Water-soluble material, and is specially appropriate as applied to machine wash clothes, water soluble, the laundry can be directly into the washing machine, no other use.

laundry condensate beads equipment

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