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Laundry condensate beads packaging machine configuration technology

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Laundry condensate beads packaging machine is suitable for packaging imported water soluble film set beads, PVA water soluble film set beads. Below to introduce the laundry condensate beads of packaging machine configuration technology.
1, the main optional configuration for measuring material filling machine working platform, weight, scale, material hoist, vibrating feeder, finished goods transport hoisting machine, metal detection machine, etc.
2, the introduction of new technology in Japan, under the total control system of PLC + POD, adopt mechanical structure, operation gradually replaced the operation of the pneumatic structure, to form a greater demands of the processing technology, easy operation, stable operation, maintenance, easy to clean, beautiful appearance.
3, laundry condensate beads packing machine to replace the manual packing, for large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises packaging automation is realized. On the completion of the equipment automatically take bag, bag, date printing, bag, points of weighing measuring, filling, sealing, output.
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