Product upgrading is imperative

New technology of water soluble packaging industry and lack of resources

Selection Standard: How to choose water-soluble packaging technology suppliers

Why Choose Us

    • Five step solution

Matching test

--All products are strictly enforced by the state and enterprise standards to ensure  that the quality

       is qualified.

Film customization

--Designated use film,specified film performance,designation of packaging content
   film customization,etc.

Image customization of coagulant beads

--Different models,different styles,professional customization

Packaging mechanism customization

--The company has the most advanced equipment and technical process in the
   world,and the excellent team is custom-made for you.

Process training

--The company provides professional training,post technical service and support.

Why choose water soluble packaging application service

To customers:


1、Polyva water dissolving membrane water completely,no residue,eventually degraded into carbon dioxide and          water.

2、One throw,safety and environmental protection;cut off the direct contact with the chemicals.

3、Quantitative water soluble packaging,more convenient to use,easy to upgrade the product.

Elite team

1.Management team: POLYVA founder owns 20 years experience of large-scale enterprise       startup and operation. 


2.PVA film R&D: Led and guided by professor team from South China University of     Technology.


3.Equipment R&D: 15 years experience on automation equipments design and development.

Business Partner

Thanks for your support

Patent certificate

3 invention patent, 5 utility model patents, 10 patents are applying…

Product certificate


The laundry pods packing machine own CE certificate. Water soluble film can also be tested


and verified by professional authority as per customer’s requirement.

Company certificate

POLYVA has passed ISO9001 quality management system certificate, received honor of

Guangdong enterprise of observing contract and valuing credit for several years.

Our Advantage

Test which water soluble film suits your detergent liquid

heat sealing packing machine apply to heat-sealed film,

water sealing packing machine apply to water-sealed film.



you need read this

If you need professional laundry pods packaging planning scheme, welcome you to send the informations like product size, shape requirement(better to have effect picture), brand positioning, packing contents materials details to polyva@polyva.cn, our R&D engineer will give you one-to-one service once received your email.

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