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Laundry process condensate beads packaging machine work

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Laundry condensate beads packing machine is a water soluble film imports laundry condensate beads for packaging machinery and equipment, is the production of a good laundry pearl particles again for a second bag packaging, not laundry condensate beads production equipment. The machine is full automatic packaging, no need manual operation, the packing speed, high processing efficiency.
laundry condensate beads packaging machine belong to to bag packing machine, it is for bag machine, ten head assembly said, work supporting platform, Z material promotion unit. Its working process is: the operator will need packaging laundry condensate beads in Z material hoist vibration hopper, vibration hopper in the condensate beads to hoist the tray inside, through the conveyor belt conveyor to 10 head electronic combination according to points inside, weighing, through the blanking sealing, filling into the zipper bag, finished product output link to complete the packaging process.
the packaging machine is applicable to imported PVA water soluble film set beads, laundry laundry detergent, beading packaging, bag type with prefabricated bags, zipper bags, etc.
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