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Performance of high-reflectivity PET film for photovoltaic module backsheet-film supplier

by:POLYVA     2021-11-06
As an important part of the photovoltaic module, the back sheet is the key material for the 25-year design life of the photovoltaic module. The back sheet needs to meet the requirements of weather resistance and electrical insulation. With the development of photovoltaic cell technology, the laboratory photoelectric conversion efficiency of single-junction monocrystalline silicon cells is slowly approaching the theoretical limit. The optimization of photovoltaic module technology to improve the conversion efficiency and output power of the module is getting more and more attention. Among them, high reflection The high-efficiency backplane is one of the important measures; there is a gap between the cells and the cells. If the backplane has high reflectivity, the light between the cells can be re-reflected back to the components, and then reflected by the glass to be reflected by the cells. Therefore, the short-circuit current density of the component can be increased. The back sheet is mainly composed of a three-layer structure. The most typical one is polyvinyl fluoride (PVF)/polyethylene terephthalate (PET)/PVF. The back sheet generally uses semi-permeable PET film as the base film. The reflectivity of the type PET film is less than 50%, and the reflectivity after being laminated with the PVF film is 80%-85%. The higher the reflectivity of the backplane, the higher the conversion efficiency of the module. It is a company specializing in the production of PET film with multiple functions, such as: transparent PET film, milky white PET film, release PET film, supply of PET motor film, etc. With a wide variety of products, affordable prices, and environmental protection, we provide customers with excellent quality and service based on the service tenet of excellence in production, honesty and trustworthiness in distribution, and warm and thoughtful service, and the spirit of assisting partners to achieve their own careers. Interested parties welcome to inquire!
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