Focus on water soluble film application 

Pesticide prevalence of high concentrations, highly toxic and other characteristics, great harm to human health. Therefore, the safety of pesticide packaging bottles is very important. After the use of pesticides, the packaging of pesticide residues brought about by environmental pollution can not be ignored. To prevent pesticide accidents caused by death, from the choice of packaging materials and forms to the label content settings, until the waste packaging recycling, each link needs to be firmly in check.

———— Water - soluble packaging bags ————

Water-soluble plastic bags, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries are widely used in pesticide packaging, water-soluble plastic bags in China, the use of low alcoholysis of polyvinyl alcohol as the main raw material of water-soluble packaging film. Used to package a dose of pesticide formulations, the use of only the required dose of the charge into the quantitative water, the bag is self-dissolved, then dispersed in the water agent. On the one hand, the user without direct contact with pesticides, to avoid the occurrence of poisoning; the other hand, accurate measurement, to avoid excessive or inadequate use of pesticides.

As the raw material is thin film, the quality is very light, not only effectively reduce the transportation costs, and there is no tight stopper caused by sealing and easy to leak and difficult to recover and other issues. This operation is simple, safe and environmentally friendly packaging application prospects are very broad.

———— Product Description ————

Water-soluble pesticide packaging bag is a polymer water-soluble film, the polymer-soluble water-soluble polymer membrane material as a membrane matrix, additional plasticizers, softeners, surfactants, dispersants and other auxiliary materials, through specific Of the film-making process. The film has good flexibility and the isolation of various substances, the rapid dissolution of water, can be made according to actual needs of various sizes and different shapes of packaging bags, the use of the polymer water-soluble film as a pesticide packaging, pesticides in the Sprinkling process, you can not use directly in addition to packaging, to ensure that users do not have direct contact with pesticides to reduce and avoid the hazards of pesticides on the health of users, can greatly reduce the incidence of pesticide poisoning. While greatly improving the packaging of pesticide business grade, enhance the brand.

———— The application of water soluble bag ————

Water-soluble polymer bags are mainly used for pesticide packaging, suitable for all kinds of powder, tablet, granular and oleaginous pesticide components of the packaging, especially for pesticide effervescent formulations are more applicable; Japan, the dosage form is the use of the Film packaging.

With the promotion of water-soluble polymer membrane, the application will soon spread to the food, medicine, medical, clothing, embroidery, cosmetics, cleaners, dyes, pigments, fertilizers, feed, water treatment agent, mineral additives, detergents, concrete Additives, photographic chemical reagents and horticultural care chemicals and other items of packaging.

———— Instructions ————

The water-soluble film bag is directly put in the water when being used, and the water-soluble film packaging bag is rapidly dissolved in the water to release the pesticide, and the water-soluble packaging bag can be dissolved in the water, So that the active ingredients of pesticides are fully utilized to avoid the use of this toxic contact, while reducing environmental pollution to the white.

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