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Polyva laundry beads packaging machine (NZE series) shipped

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Polyva's E series laundry detergent beads packaging machine belongs to the most advanced laundry bead packaging machine on the market. It can be realized by changing the Mould : single-cavity, double-cavity, three-cavity and multi-cavity laundry bead packaging; it can pack powder, Liquid and can also pack powder and liquid mixed beads.According to the function of the beads,it can package many type of beads,such as: shampoo beads, bath beads, hand washing beads, dishwashing capsules, fragrance beads and even packaging traditional Chinese medicine foot washing beads, pesticides, fertilizer beads ...Polyva focuses on one-stop service for water-soluble packaging. In addition to producing laundry beads packaging machines, we also develop and produce water-soluble films for packaging laundry detergent beads,and  professionally provide beads OEM services, welcome all friends in need Come to consult:

Mobile number: 17796067993 (same number on WeChat,WhatsApp)

Email: wls@polyva.cn


1, packing bag size:can customize according to customer's inquiry

2, packing speed:Max 780-1300 bags / minute

3. The volume of packing: 5-30 grams

4. Measurement precision: 0.2ml

5. The diameter of the inner hole of the packaging reel membrane: 70-80mm

6. Machine power: 15KW

7. voltage:can customize according to customer's inquiry

8. Machine weight:3500kg


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