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Printing machine using UV ink needs to prepare for what?


Under the condition of the dry film thickness is the same, large printing area. In addition, color print good stability, high brightness.        

Ink particles is small, can print fine texture. UV ink can provide fresh, bright color, guarantee good print gloss, bright colors; Due to the print ink layer of strong, fast drying and crosslinking, the ink layer has high friction resistance and chemical resistance. So the UV printing ink can be used to need to wear the packaging printing.         

Adaptable printing, the printing range. UV ink can meet the needs of in a variety of substrates, range is very wide, such as paper, printing, plastic printing, printed tape, printed circuit boards, chrome version printing, electronic parts, metal surface printing, printing on aluminum foil surface, etc. On the way of printing, UV printing ink can be applied to relief, gravure, screen, offset printing a variety of ways.                                                          

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