Focus on water soluble film application 

Production technology of water soluble film

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

        Water soluble film production process is similar to stretch film coating process. It includes rubber, filtration, stretch film coating, drying, stripping and winding process.

      In the production of water-soluble film, selecting raw materials must demand without impurities, otherwise the water soluble film is not smooth, porosity, produce the defects such as sand holes, as a result, after the glue must be filtered to impurities or no insoluble substance.

      Stretch film coating must be uniform, the coating weight also must first be tested to determine. Water soluble film manufacturer, dry hot air ( Generally USES hot air to coax stem or other drying methods) Temperature, hot air flow must also be strictly controlled, otherwise the temperature too high or hot air flow in the thin film to harden and wrinkle and effect, and low temperature too low or hot air flow will be difficult to achieve the purpose of removing moisture, or reduce the efficiency of the film.

      Must high concentrations of glue, the glue solution should strictly control the quality, time, temperature, pressure in the reaction kettle must be confirmed according to the experiment.

      Other aspects, such as tension and speed must also be strictly controlled.

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