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professional laundry packing machine directly sale

Professional laundry packing machine directly sale

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Product Name
Liquid water soluble Pods packaging machine
Production Speed  480 pcs /min
Packing Specification  
1-25g (customizable)
Weight Tolerance  

 Note: Blue indicates the current machine model, gray indicates the same series of machines. 

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Q1. How can I get a quotation of the liquid detergent automatic filling packaging machine? 
A. Contact us and we will reply you ASAP. And you may contact us directly by Trade Manager.


Q2. Can you provide customized machine or SPM (Special purpose machine)?

A. Yes, we provide modeling customized service.


Q3. Can you provide training for operation packaging machines?

A. Yes, free training in our factory is available.


Q4. How about your price?            

A. Send me details about what you need, you will get the best price in China. The price is competitive all over the world.


Q5. What's your warranty terms? 
A. We will supply a replacement for parts that prove to be defective for a period of 12 months, starting on the machine’s bill of lading date. Please contact your POLYVA sales representative for details.


Q6. What’s the package?

A. All our automatic filling machines are packed with sea worthy package.


The information on this product can help sell goods because it allows potential the consumer to make a purchasing decision, and can push the consumer to buy without speaking to a store employee. The adopted materials are all harmless which do no harm to human body. The product has perfect closures that keep items safe during transport and provide tamper evidence while allowing customers to access easily after purchase. The adopted materials are all harmless which do no harm to human body.

The design of POLYVA detergent packing machine goes through a series of design considerations, including quantity, volume, shape, and arrangement of storage compartments, and accessibility of those compartments in different stowage situations. Our products range covers cold water soluble packaging PVA film series which include over 10 different types
The design of POLYVA detergent packing machine is developed using a 3D CAD program. CAD models are created for the individual parts and the subassembly showing how the parts are connected together. The adopted materials are all harmless which do no harm to human body
The manufacturing of POLYVA laundry packing machine adopts the assembly line system. The product will be sent on to the next step in the production process after it is inspected by QCs who have years of experience working in the shoemaking factory. 0.02ml filling high precision is one of the great performance of our machine
The POS interface of POLYVA laundry packing machine is designed by our professional experts who facilitate the overall aesthetic of the interface. Our laundry pods packing machine has been qualified with CE certificate
POLYVA detergent packing machine is well manufactured. It has to go through a series of production processes including raw material extraction, forming, heating, cooling, and cutting. Located in Nanhai High-tech Zone, our factory covers 3300 square meters with over 60 employees
laundry packing machine Built-in high-quality transformer, sufficient output power, high precision output voltage and stable power supply, providing a strong backing for the circuit board and intelligent control chip of the charger.
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