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PVA water soluble film properties


PVA water soluble film characteristics 

PVA water soluble film belongs to the green environmental protection packaging materials high-fidelity printing, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries and regions are recognised by the government department of environmental protection. The main raw material of water soluble PVA film is poly (vinyl alcohol) ( PVA) And starch, and all of its components ( Including additives) For C, H, O compounds, non-toxic harmless. 

 In the process of the membrane, only physical reaction between components, its mechanical properties, process performance and water-soluble get certain improvement; But don't react label, so its chemical properties will not change. Failure analysis and eliminationwater degradation and the dual characteristics of biodegradation, the soluble in water can form gel liquid infiltration in the soil, increase the mass of sticky, the permeability of the soil and water retention, therefore particularly suitable for sandy soil; Dissolved in the soil of PVA and is broken down by bacteria strains, the final degradation of digital printing for carbon dioxide and water, the degradation rate can reach 1 o0 %, so it can completely solve the problem of packaging waste treatment.2。 Other performance

(1) Water soluble. Water soluble water soluble PVA film with its thickness and environmental temperature. Market at home and abroad mainly production and sale of water soluble PVA film has high temperature and low temperature type two kinds, high temperature water soluble PVA film completely insoluble under 40 ℃, and above 80 ℃ is completely dissolved. At present, the domestic has developed the adjustment method of water soluble PVA film water-soluble, under the condition of the water temperature constant sun chemical, the water soluble time can be adjusted in 10 ~ 50 s, the accuracy of + / - 5 s, at present this technology has obtained national invention patent.

( 2) The water content. Water content of water soluble PVA film will change with the environment, so the volumes of water soluble PVA film generally use PE film packaging, in order to keep its specific water content.

( 3) Antistatic property. Unlike other plastic film government policy and regulation, water soluble PVA film is a kind of antistatic film. In the process of using water-soluble PVA membrane, therefore will not be caused by static electricity dust and other problems.

( 4) Barrier property. Water soluble PVA membrane permeability of water and ammonia has strong, but the oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide are with good barrier property. The features can ensure them with material composition and smell stays the same. Overprint

(5) Mechanical properties and heat sealing performance. Good mechanical properties of water soluble PVA film.  It has good tensile strength and tear strength, the heat sealing performance is also good to add the nets, suitable for resistance heat sealing, high frequency heat sealing, etc.

( 6) The printing performance. Water soluble PVA film general method may be used for printing, printing performance is good, the graphic is clear. Inkjet printing& have spent Good oil resistance, Vegetable oil, animal oil, mineral oil, etc. ) , fat resistance and organic solvent resistance, but for the strong alkali, strong acid, chlorine free radicals and other material can react with PVA ( Such as borax, boric acid, some dyes, etc. ) Patience is not good, so do not use water soluble PVA film packaging material like this.

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