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Recently very fire laundry condensate beads can wash clothes? What is the difference between it and laundry detergent?

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Where is the difference between a laundry condensate beads and laundry detergent? The active components of washing products are active high and low to distinguish, the difference is: 1, the traditional washing powder, soap with anionic surfactant, predominantly sulfonic acid sodium and sodium stearate, with this kind of raw material to produce products strong alkaline ( Washing powder PH generally greater than 12) Carcinogens, residues, and then when use bigger stimulus and damage on the skin. 2, and bo d production laundry condensate beads is using non-ionic active compounds is given priority to, mainly include: palm oil, coconut oil, palm oil and PH neutral and mild to skin. Total active content as high as 85% 90%, in general, the higher the content of total active matter, the stronger the detergency, active matter is a kind of surface active compounds, the compound can be dirt and counters are removed from the object into the water, and each one non-ionic active matter contains about 9 quadrillion clean molecules in the group, it can accelerate the dirt particles suspended and sedimentation, and speed up the solution to clarify.       3, the effective activity of coagulation bead structure mainly includes the close water and oil, the oil group combined with besmirch, then through physical movement, Such as hand rub, machine movement) Separate the stain and fabrics. At the same time, the molecules can reduce the tension of water, clean water can reach the fabric surface, thus active ingredients play a role.       4, to wash his clothes and ordinary but again things in life. Products for washing clothes, washing powder, laundry detergent, occupy the main position all the time. Careful person will find, however, bo d production of super concentrated laundry condensate beads decontamination capability, and can penetrate play a role of washing clothing fibers, decontamination more thoroughly after washing hands at the same time, there is no fold bear in Pakistan.       5, laundry condensate beads after several years of development, has now developed a bacteriostatic, fragrant functions such as beads, below is the fragrant beads), the solid particles of fragrant pearl has the functions such as friction and smell, can do lasting fragrant; Wrap this fragrant beads and laundry gel beads in different cavity, not only appearance looks very nice and can achieve a condensate beads with different functions.         6, and laundry detergent, laundry detergent in use process is not completely dissolved, residue easily lead to clothes and skin lesion in nature and not easy to rinse, resulting in a waste degradation problems ( Especially with branched chain of sodium sulfonate) , cause water pollution, the ecology caused great damage. And bo d production of condensate beads can be completely dissolved and dissolving speed, Yi Piao washable, not hurt the skin and clothing, and into the natural world, these natural organic material, easy to natural biological oxidation and degradation, so has become a new generation of washing products.         7, washing powder is generally strong alkaline ( PH of more than 12) , in use process need to wear gloves, in order to reduce the stimulation to the skin; Laundry detergent PH also belong to weak base, also with the skin to produce to stimulate on the formula of sodium sulfonate. Production of condensate beads and) as a result of the preparation of high technical content, and add a variety of active ingredients, cleaning will make clothes fluffy, soft, smooth, bright, and have in addition to the bacteria and the efficacy of lasting flavor. 【 Foshan bo d environmental protection material co. , LTD. Main business: processing laundry condensate beads, laundry condensate beads OEM, wash feet bead condensate beads branded wholesale, shampoo, bath beads, OEM, dishwashing products such as formula research and development, market positioning, product packaging design and packaging supplies, products for the record, filling production through-train service! Welcome calls: 17796067993]

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