Focus on water soluble film application 

Research progress of water soluble film

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Heyuan city, environmental protection material technology co. , LTD and is a focus on character of water-soluble film ( PVA - Poly (vinyl alcohol) film) In the research, production and sales of new technology companies. < br /> in recent years, the use or in development of water-soluble film with pva as main ingredients. Research on the development of water-soluble film at home and abroad also are conducted with polyvinyl alcohol as the main raw material. 1. 1 mechanism of water soluble film is the use of polyvinyl alcohol on the water from the extreme sensitivity to implement its solubility in water. Polyvinyl alcohol is derived from poly (vinyl acetate hydrolysis, has the very good crystallization performance, between the neighboring molecules have a strong appeal. Its hydrolysis temperature below its melting temperature, pure pva soluble in water, and can be based on poly (vinyl acetate hydrolysis control to change its solubility. Polyvinyl acetate in the group, the more it water-soluble is the worse, barrier property will be worse. Pva water-soluble and saponification degree also. Polyvinyl alcohol can be made by the vinyl alcohol and acetic acid alkali saponification, complete saponification material can only be dissolved in hot water, insoluble in cold water, and some saponification material can dissolve in cold water. Water-soluble mechanism of water soluble film can be thought of as poly (vinyl alcohol) to absorb a large number of water molecules, make its molecular expansion, the number of carbon atoms, molecules of oxygen and hydrogen atoms into CO2 and H2O, the product of the decomposition of CO2 to evaporate into the air, H2O is dissolved in the soil or in the clutter. < br /> character company concentrating on promoting product quality, technology and product innovation, committed to providing customers with satisfactory products and services.
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