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Start-up steps of laundry gel bead packaging machine

by:POLYVA     2021-09-18
   The start-up steps of the laundry gel bead packaging machine: u003cbru003e  Operation panel settings: u003cbru003e  1. Turn on the power switch (1), the power indicator light is on (2) u003cbru003e  2, open origin (return to the origin of each cylinder) u003cbru003e  3. Turn the sealing heating switch (6) to the'ON* position (the reference temperature of the thermometer is 135-1650C, and the specific temperature depends on the water-soluble film material). u003cbru003e  4. Turn the incision heating switch (7) to the 'ON* position (the reference temperature of the thermometer is set at 170-200C, depending on the actual effect). u003cbru003e  5. Set the roll of water-soluble film on the upper and lower dissolving film shafts, and then use an air gun to hold the film shaft valve core to inflate until the water-soluble film is fixed. Pull out the lower film cloth to cover the mold to the sealing plate, and then pull out the lower film cloth to cover the mold to the sealing plate. u003cbru003e  6. Press the original reset button (13) on the operation panel. At this time, the conveyor chain drives the mold to automatically return to the origin and reset until the end. u003cbru003e  7. On the operation panel, turn the 'Auto/Manual' switch (2) to automatic gear. u003cbru003e   8. Add laundry detergent to the liquid storage tank, paying attention not to supercritical position. u003cbru003e   9. Turn the vacuum pump switch (12) on the operation panel to the *ON* position. u003cbru003e  10. Put the waste film set on the waste film collection shaft, use an air gun against the air core to inflate, so that the collection film sleeve is fixed, and then guide the waste film to the collection shaft, and switch the 'film collection motor' ( 10) Dial to the '0N' position. u003cbru003e  11. After confirming that the temperature of the sealing and cutting knife reaches the set value, press the start button (9), and the equipment enters the running state. u003cbru003e
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