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Teach you how to determine water soluble film quality standards

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

a lot of people are good or bad quality of water soluble film does not know how to judge, when the choose and buy is more puzzled. The water soluble film quality how to measure? In fact, water soluble film quality from the water soluble, appearance quality, mechanical strength, storage time four aspects to judgment. Below small make up one by one for everyone to look at the judgment standard.
      1) Solubility in water: water soluble film requirements can dissolve in 4 ℃ above water. The faster the better. Dissolve the remaining residue after as little as possible. The water quality of the almost syllabic better after dissolving.
      2) Appearance: winding as smooth as possible. The outer surface of the winding cannot have obvious concave and convex and wrinkles. Roll of film two end as smooth as possible, plus or minus 2 mm or less. Membrane surface can not have defects such as bubbles, perforation, slag inclusion, black spots.

      3)   Storage time: stable quality of the water soluble film deposit date can be in 1 - More than 2 years, In the case of not be affected with damp be affected with damp) 。 And the poor quality of water soluble film in 1 - After 2 months, because the quality is not stable, a lot of chemical composition analysis to come out from the inside of the membrane, appeared a lot of white dust. Serious rolls of film to black color.

      4) Mechanical strength, tensile strength requirements in more than 25 mpa. Too easily pulled apart or cause drag mark. Rectangular tear resistance requirement at about 80 kn/m. Otherwise very brittle fracture.
      The above four aspects is water soluble film quality standards, hope to help you.

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