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The advantage of CO2 plastic film

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
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CO2 plastic film products has two advantages: one is the CO2 plastic film on the performance is close to traditional polyethylene materials, plastic film and CO2 cost is much lower than other international biodegradable plastics; 2 it is CO2 plastic film and the traditional compared to the degradation of biodegradable plastic for hundreds of years period, the CO2 plastic film compost degradation period within 6 months, and after degradation of materials and fertile field effect. < br / >
broke the CO2 copolymer blow continuous make the technical problems of membrane, jointly developed with independent intellectual property rights in our country of biodegradable plastic film CO2. The CO2 plastic film using a combination of catalytic technique developed by changchun should change and large, continuous thin film preparation technology, improve the stability of the polymer, CO2 can improve the mechanical properties of CO2 plastic film material, improve the durability of the plastic film products, CO2 will tolerate temperature of the polymer from past 20 ℃ to 40 ℃ to 60 ℃. < br / >
CO2 plastic film weight of CO2 content in the product reached 60%, test product performance test are relevant authority abroad, stepping up production standards. < br / >
the CO2 plastic film cost is higher, technology remains to be further perfect, in the whole process of continuous production is still lack of the experience in large-scale, run stably for a long time and data, the next step is to research and development of new catalysts, catalytic process and polymerization process innovation, improve the downstream products in the process of forming technology, improve product stability, and to expand the production scale of CO2 plastic film, CO2 plastic film products market, form the virtuous circle of the research, development, production and sales to further reduce the production cost of CO2 plastic film products. < br / >

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