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The advantages of textile packaging water soluble film


textile packaging the benefits of water soluble film

  1. Can substantially reduce the use of plastic bags;
    2. Service life is longer than a paper bag;  
    3. Can be recycled;  
    4. The price is low, easy to promote. 2, textiles, packaging water soluble film four big advantage:vest non-woven bags ( Commonly known as nonwoven bags) A green product, tough and durable, beautiful modelling, good permeability, reusable, can wash, can be screen printing ads, long life, suitable for any company, any industry for advertising, gifts. textiles, packaging water soluble film production information: Now we use so-called vest bag 'is roughly divided into several kinds:
    1. Non-woven bags ( Repeated use, and finally recycling this cycle can be called vest)  
    2. Canvas bag ( Relative to other materials it's vest is no pollution to the environment)  
    3. Cotton bags ( And the qualities of the canvas bag)  
    4. Flannelette bags ( Mostly viscose - As well as a fabric on cotton, polyester, and my clothes need not say more? )  
    5. Dacron cloth vest bag, Dacron cloth, similar to my rare umbrella cloth, and clothing lining, because with the cloth vest bag is usually a vest, so called vest bag)  
    6. Fabrics of other vest bag, The nature of the linen cloth and canvas is different)
    Four, textiles, packaging water soluble film lack at present:    As is known to all, textiles water soluble film packaging to attract people is that it can be recycled, strong durability and inexpensive; And vests wine bag attract manufacturers in economical and practical, can improve the economic benefit of enterprise, at the same time, the order of vest bag to put product alcohol advertising, play a propaganda effect. Although, some vest BBS or community, Internet users to vest shopping bag mixed reviews. But by some vests or some public welfare activities vest, vest bag position more important in People's Daily life. Some meat in the vegetable market, however, aquatic products, vegetables and fruits such as if directly using the vest bag, is not very convenient because the vest bag every time out to clean, very time-consuming. This is why in the meat market, vest bag is not very popular. Also the plastic limit order 'still not fully implemented. Vest bag design still need to improve, and adapt to the use of a variety of places. Way to completely replace the paper or plastic vest generation still have a long way to go!

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