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The characteristics of PE self-adhesive film-technical knowledge

by:POLYVA     2021-12-31
Description of the characteristics of PE self-adhesive film Release time: 2021-08-20 Hits: 2580 In the protective film family, PE self-adhesive film, also known as self-adhesive protective film, is another type of product in the protective film. It has the advantages of being more environmentally friendly, cleaner, more stable, convenient to fit, and not easy to fall off. Self-adhesive means that the surface is self-adhesive, not glued, and there is no residual glue after being removed from the product surface. This is also the original intention of the development of PE self-adhesive film, which is to avoid the problems of degumming and residual glue in the use process of the glue-based protective film, and to solve the protection problems in the processing and assembly process of some high-tech electronics industries. PE self-adhesive film is made of high-pressure low-density polyethylene (LDPE) as the main raw material, mixed with a little auxiliary material, melted and plasticized by the extrusion system, and then passed through the die and molding die using single-layer, double-layer, or three-layer co-extrusion. /A new type of packaging material film made by blown film technology, it is usually co-extruded with more than two layers, and the film of one layer will be made of self-adhesive material, so that it can be self-adhesive without applying glue. PE self-adhesive film is widely used in electroplating, film, plexiglass board and other products, as well as the surface protection of glue-sensitive electronic articles. Because it is stuck on any smooth surface without residual glue, it can often be used in hardware products, It can be seen in the fields of plastic products and optoelectronic products. A good PE self-adhesive protective film, with few crystal points, good ductility, waterproof, dustproof, high transparency, excellent temperature resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly. Because PE self-adhesive film is mainly used to protect the surface of products with high appearance quality, it has strict control of crystal points and dust. At present, only a few blown film manufacturers can meet the requirements of PE self-adhesive film production environment and ensure product quality. But Hualong film can! Polyva has a dust-free workshop, equipped with testing equipment such as melt index meter, online thickness gauge, light transmission haze meter, etc.; the self-developed PE self-adhesive film has lower crystal points, no precipitation, no residue, easy tearing and good cleanliness Advantages of coexisting with excellent transparency!
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