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The characteristics of PVA water soluble film


why PVA water soluble film can have such a wide range of applications, let's introduce the characteristics of PVA water soluble film, hope to find the answer of the following words: 

      1. Degradation of thoroughly, is the product of CO2 and H2O, can thoroughly solve the problem of packaging waste treatment;
      2. Safe and convenient to use, avoid direct contact with the user is packaging, packaging can be used in hazardous to the human body;
      3. Mechanics performance is good, and can be heat sealing and heat sealing strength is higher;

      4. With anti-fake function, and can be used for quality products anti-counterfeiting best weapons, prolong the life cycle of products. At present, foreign mainly include Japan, the United States, France and other production and sales of such products.

    PVA water soluble film as a novel green packaging material, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries are widely used in all kinds of product packaging, such as pesticides, fertilizers, paints, dyes, detergents, water treatment agent, mineral additives, detergent, concrete additive, photographic chemicals and chemical reagents of gardening nursing

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