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The comparison of all kinds of plastic film characteristics

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
PVA water-soluble plastic film ingredient is polyvinyl alcohol. Is a kind of processing by the special craft processing, by natural factors ( H2O) Rapid degradation of new environmental protection packaging materials. So it belongs to is a new kind of environmental protection packaging materials. In Europe, America, Japan and other countries are recognised by environment department. Due to its environmental characteristics, therefore has wide attention by the developed countries in the world. Pesticides, chemical and other industries abroad large companies have been widely used water-soluble film packaging their products. Along with society's development and progress, people more and more attention to the protection and preservation of our environment, especially after China's entry into the WTO, with the developed countries in the world, for environmental requirements of the packaging is increasing day by day, thus water soluble packaging film in China must have a wide prospect in application. < br / > < br / > plastic film as a substrate, its history is relatively short, it after printing as a packing, with a light transparent, good moisture-proof oxygen resistance, air tightness and resilient folding, surface smooth, can protect the goods, and can reproduce the goods of modelling, colour, etc. With the development of petrochemical industry, the variety of plastic film is becoming more and more commonly used plastic film have polyethylene ( PE) , PVC ( PVC) , polystyrene, polyester film ( PET) And polypropylene ( PP) , nylon, etc. All kinds of plastic film performance is different, the ease of printing is different also, as the use of packaging materials are also different. Polyethylene film is a colorless, tasteless, odourless, translucent non-toxic insulation material, a large number of used for packaging bags; Food bag, also can produce all kinds of containers. It is an inert material, so difficult to print, must be after processing, and good results can be printed. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film a good light resistance, aging resistance and has better tear resistance, can breathe freely, is a kind of clean, colorless, transparent film, generally join plasticizer, it can be dissolved in acetone, cyclohexanone and other solvents. So, can use made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) kind of resin ink printing. Suitable for packaging, book covers, etc. Polystyrene film is soft and tough film, clean, clear and transparent, does not contain plasticizers, always soft membrane layer, resistance to freezing, deposit not aging, oxidation polymerization of synthetic link material is used when printing ink, can make the imprinting has good fastness. Polyester film is a colorless, transparent, resistant to moisture, breathable, soft, strong, resistant to acid and alkali oil resin and solvent, material of high and low temperature are all not afraid, after edm processing, surface of ink has a good fastness. Used for packaging and composite materials. Polypropylene film with good gloss and good transparency, heat acid and alkali, solvent resistance, friction resistance, tear resistance, can breathe freely, can't heat sealing is below 160 ℃. The strength of the nylon membrane is bigger than polyethylene film, tasteless, non-toxic, opaque, oil resistant, resistant to bacteria ester, most of the resistance to boiling water and solvent, generally used in packing load, wear-resisting, cooking and packaging ( Reheat food) It does not need to surface treatment can be printed. Polyethylene molecules on basic with no polar group, is a high score in nonpolar seal, polypropylene, contain a methyl on each of the structural unit, this kind of weak polar group, basically also belong to nonpolar polymer, therefore, they are the affinity of ink, so before printing before printing it after processing to get satisfactory calendar. Treatment is mostly through oxidation, increase of the polarity, the surface structure change. The methods of dealing with the specific discharge ( Commonly known as corona, edm) Method, the flame, ultraviolet radiation, acid ( Sulfuric acid, chromium acid) Processing method, etc. And to discharge method is simple and universal. The stand or fall of corona treatment effect, and the output power of processing equipment, the distance between the two electrodes, electrode discharge area, processing speed and processing methods ( Is a heat treatment or cold treatment) And number have relations, after processing the film must be printed immediately, otherwise could still fail. In edm processing, free radical reaction caused by corona discharge and could lead to a crosslinked polymer, surface roughness and increase its wettability of polar solvent, generally speaking, plastic thin film hampshire after processing can improve printing from three aspects ( Performance: can use antistatic additives) Our country use three 12 amide hydroxy ethyl quaternary ammonium perchlorate, in order to improve the reduction of electrostatic charge attenuation fierce into ink adhesion effect in concentrated chirality and gravure printing, solvent ink wet sex is improved. Method of plastic film printing, flexographic, gravure and screen printing can be used. Printing ink, is featured by big viscosity, adhesion, can make the ink molecules firmly attached to dry the plastic surface, and it is easily and conjunctiva and dry oxygen in the air, etc. Intaglio printing plastic film with ink is commonly: hope amine such as synthetic resin, give priority to with alcohols organic solvent and paint after fully grinding scattered form colloidal fluid has good liquidity, is volatile drying inks, printing performance is good, strong adhesive fastness, bright color and characteristics of drying quickly, suitable for use gravure rotary press printing. < br / > < br / > in this paper, from the network, reproduced indicate the source. http://www。 greatgo。 Cn / < br / > this article key words: water soluble PVA membrane water soluble PVA water soluble film water transfer printing film water soluble film manufacturers
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