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The latest high-speed flat packaging machine for dishwashing pods powder water soluble packing machine--Polyva
Brand Name
Foshan, Guangdong, China
Efficient & Automatic
Suitable for
dishwashing pods、laundry pods

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Product Information

MP Series of high-speed automatic packaging machine for dishwashing pods and laundry pods using the latest rapid production technology, filling technology and four-dimensional cost reduction technology, effectively improve process efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs, suitable for product modeling, fast production requirements, stable and efficient production process of daily chemical manufacturing enterprises.


1、Easy to operate, low failure rate;
2、Multi-specification modeling ability, fast conversion;
3、Stable production performance; Low production cost
4、Service support, long-term guarantee

New upgrade, intelligent technology, efficient packaging

Packing Machine

Laser shaped cutting
One key conversion
Vacuum suction cup material
Replace filling parts in one body
Replace the mold in one
Built-in compensation parameters

Product Detail

One replaceable mold parts: can be filled with a variety of materials, filling parts quickly extracted and replaced, filling speed up to 0.75S/ row


Strong electromagnetic door lock: boot to lock the door, open the door to stop, better security

Double station manipulator discharging: 1 grab 2 rows, can achieve 0.75S/ row grab speed

Laser shaped cutting: 3 years a gas replacement, no tool loss, cutting speed up to 0.15S/pod

Technical Paremeter

Project contentparameter indicator
Design boot speed0.75 seconds/row (unlimited cavity type)
Filling accuracy ±0.1g (single cavity) ±0.15g (multi-cavity) ±0.3g (powder mixture)
Package pass rate≥99.99%
Running noise <80dB(A)
Packing film material and thickness PVA/PVOH material, 75±5µm
Equipment size (L × W × H) 5150×3500×3360mm (based on actual conditions)
Air consumption 0.1m3/min (single chamber, depending on the number of pumps)
Power consumption rated 10KW.H, peak 15KW.H
Water consumption 100g/Min

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