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The main use of PE electrostatic protective film-technical knowledge

by:POLYVA     2021-12-31
The main purpose of PE electrostatic protective film Release time: 2019-12-28 Click: 23372 PE electrostatic protective film is mainly suitable for various plastic plates, sheets (PET/PP/PS/PVC/PMMA/ABS/PC), aluminum plastic Plates, plastic mirror panels, plexiglass, decorative panels, aluminum profiles, plastic steel profiles, stainless steel sheets, high-gloss injection molding, sunlight panels, endurance panels and other plastic sheets, plates, etc. Protect the product from pollution, scratches, damage and dust during transportation, processing, stamping, forming and storage, keep the original surface dry and clean, increase the yield and reduce the cost. The product does not need to be glued and is easy to stick to the surface of the object, not easy to break, not easy to fall off, and not easy to deform, and has a good protective effect. Optical-grade PE electrostatic protective film: PE electrostatic protective film applied to high-end plastic sheets of various materials. (High smoothness, no precipitation residue, suitable for screen printing, coating, electronic/optical materials/screen protection, etc.). High temperature resistant blister PE electrostatic protective film: high smoothness, good adhesion to the smooth plastic surface, good high temperature stability, can be formed with the board at high temperature to protect the surface, and can be easily removed. It is suitable for PMMA acrylic bathtub board, PC blister board (sheet), etc. Easy-tear heat-sealing film applied to plastic cup holders of various materials.
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