Focus on water soluble film application 

The performance of the water soluble film

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

  Everyone knows water soluble film is environmental protection film, is often used in modern life. Water soluble film in addition to the environmental protection this trait what performance? In fact, we is not particularly understanding to this question, here are the simple small make up take you to learn about.
    Water soluble film performance is as follows: < br /> & have spent   1, the water content of rolls of water-soluble film with PE plastic packaging to keep its specific water content remains the same. After the water soluble film from the PE packaging, its water content change with the environment humidity, its performance also will change.
    2, anti-static, water-soluble film is a film, anti-static, unlike other plastic film, has good antistatic property. In the process of using water soluble film packaging products, not cause its plasticity reduces as the electrostatic and electrostatic dust attached to the performance.
    3, water and gas permeability of water and ammonia water soluble film is strong permeability, but the oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide gas with good barrier property, etc. These characteristics, make its can well maintain the components and the original smell of packaged products.
    4, heat sealing water soluble packaging film has good heat sealing, suitable for resistance high frequency heat sealing, heat sealing and heat sealing strength is related to such conditions as the temperature and humidity, pressure, time, generally greater than 200 g/cm.
    5, and mechanical properties of water soluble packaging film mechanical properties: elastic modulus of 2500 ~ 400 kg/cm2, tensile strength of 400 ~ 200 kg/cm2, tearing force 200 ~ 50 kg/cm, elongation of 150 ~ 220%.
    6, printing performance of water-soluble film ordinary printing method can be used, clear printing, the printing is better.
    7, oil resistance and chemical resistance, water soluble packaging film has good oil resistance, Vegetable oil, animal oil, mineral oil) , fat and organic solvent resistance and carbohydrates, but strong alkali, strong acid, chlorine free radicals and other can react with PVA, borax, boric acid, some dyes, etc. , this kind of material with water soluble film packaging is not recommended.
    8, the water soluble and water soluble film thickness and temperature related, 25 microns thick film, for example, 20 ℃ dissolve time 300 s or less, 30 ℃ dissolve time 50 s or less, 40 ℃ dissolve time 30 s or less.

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